Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Styling

Style:  FlowArn; Price:  $15.00
Styling for those Winter Months

The winter months are upon us and for those of us on the East Coast, it means that it is time to cover and protect those luscious tresses.  

There are so many styles and colors to choose from.  Your sure to find one that will fit your fancy!

Also, consider lining your knit hats with a silk scarf or bonnet to protect your hair from unnecessary rubbing on the inside of the hat accessory of your choice.  The rule remains the same for wool hats.  Yes, they can be strikingly adorable but wool hats and scarves have the tendency to pull and rub out your hair with consistent wearing.  Line them, if possible.

This style of covering adds a little sass to your style while covering the circumference of your head against the winter winds.
This winter grey adds interest to your face while allowing your tresses to cascade from the back.

Whatever your style, color choice, or shape a hat is a winter blues friend!

Happy Curls to You!

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