Monday, January 28, 2013

Coily Comber Wefted Hair

I was reading the blog of Haircapades ( when I came across the company Finger Comber in one of her blogs.  I was simply blown away by the realistic look of afrocentric wefted hair.  Thinking that this is a great alternative or protective style for both naturals and relaxed ladies.

Finger Comber states:
Designed for Naturals by Naturals, to support you on your natural Journey!

Each hair texture has a brief description about the hair texture and approximately how much hair is needed, along with the pricing for each bundle.

The Coily hair pictured above comes in two lengths.  10.5 inches for $28.00 and 9 inches for $26.00.  The hair is synthetic and comes in several different shades and combinations.

Kinky Comber Hair Weft

This hair is priced at:  $38.00 a bundle and has been created to blend in with 3a to 4c hair textures!   A couple of wefts can be added to give your natural hair more volume or styling options, such as colored-highlights. Allowing you to not damaged your natural hair with regular dye processing.

Havana Twists

This was another favorite style of mine from the Finger Comber selection.  Priced at $12.99 a bundle.  

My hair is 3c but strands are fine and not thick enough for this style.  This is definitely a viable option to obtain this look.  This hair has been noted on their site to be washable, "re-usable," and benefits from oil and water applications for moisturizing!  Wow! It even allows you to maintain your regular hair regimen!

The website even includes tutorials for the hairstyles in it's DIY section for all of you "Do It Yourselfers" or ladies on a budget, or for those of you who simply refuse to pay for installation.

The site is easy to maneuver, colors are bold and vibrant, and the overall feel of the site is clean and organized!

They are also on Facebook and Twitter, so stop by and visit them!

If you've tried them and have Done It Yourself and/or have a professional installation of their products, please leave pictures and comments below!

As always, Until next time!

Happy Curls to You!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Curl Kit January 2013

picture by Veganly Yours on
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The January 2013 Curl Kits have arrived!  Loaded with various beauty products and samples.

  1. As I Am Coconut CoWash
  2. Annie Rubber Contour Brush
  3. Pooka Pure and Simple Pomegranate Kiwi Sugar Body Polish
  4. Cream and Coco Raspberry Rice Pudding Shampoo Bar
  5. Coils By Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner
  6. Ampro Pro Style Olive Oil Gel
  7. Lustrasilk Moisture Max Keratin Amino Acid Leave-In Creme
  8. UR Curly Loose Curl Enhancer 
  9. Keratin Maintenance Replenish Masque   
16 ounce Size/Price:  $7.99/Curly Gurl Friendly

Annie Rubber Contour Brush/Price:  $1.99

Cream & Coco Raspberry Rice Pudding Shampoo Bar/Price:  $5.00

Pooka Pure and Simple Pomegranate Kiwi Sugar Body Polish/Price:  $3.33 
Koils by Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-in Conditioner
Size: 2oz.
Retail Price: $3.66

Ampro Pro Styl Olive Oil Gel
Size: 2oz.
Retail Price: $0.39
Notes: No alcohol or parabens

Lustrasilk Moisture Max Keratin Amino Acid Leave-In Creme
Size: 1.75 oz.
Retail Price: $1.95
Notes: Contains Silicones.
UR Curly Loose Curl Enhancer
Size: 1.75 oz.
Retail Price: $2.08
Notes: No parabens, silicones or sulfates

Keratin Maintenance Replenish Masque
Size: 1.745 oz.
Retail Price: $2.50
Notes: Contains silicones
 This Curl kit box was filled and lid would not completely close.  I did try the As I Am Coconut Wash, which was a full-size product.  It is a keeper.  Loved the smell, the consistency, and the way it applied.  However, the set back is that the product needs a pump to make it easier to use in the shower.  It should be offered with a pump or it may be worth the investment of purchasing a pump for the jar if you plan to make the item a staple.

The soap bar smells great and I look forward to using it along with the Pooka scrubs which smells so good that I just like opening the jar to smell it.

Reviews on the products will be forthcoming and I am so looking forward to my February, 2013 Curl Kit.

Happy Curls to You!

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Friday, January 4, 2013

What Is Dusting Your Ends?

Types of Damage Ends
Dusting your ends is a way to prolong the health of the ends of your hair between trims!  For those of us that are trying to retain length, this is very important.
Dusting your ends is used primarily to clip all forms of split ends.  At the end of Dusting, because you take off so short sections, when you are finish the clipped ends look like fine dust on the floor or counter.  Thus, the term dusting!
When Do I Know That It's Time To Dust?
  • When your hair tangles and become hard to run your fingers from the root to your ends.
  • When your ends are fuzzy. 
  • When your ends are frayed. 
  • When your ends are not responsive to your favorite moisturizer.
  • When your ends snap off easily.
  • If you use heat frequently.
  • Should be done every six to eight weeks
The Benefits of Dusting
  • Keeps your ends sharp!
  • Smooth Ends
  • Head of Healthy Hair
How to Dust Your Ends
First you will need a sharp pair of scissors created to be used on hair.  Please, do not use your paper cutting scissors or craft scissors from your hair!
Second, cut your hair in a well-lighted area in front of a mirror.
Search and Destroy Method
This method entails parting the hair in small sections and feeling the rough ends and simply clipping them off.  This also includes the infamous and dreaded Single Strand Knots that tend to plague the lower section and ends of our tresses.
Twist and Trim
This method, you will part hair in very small sections and twist the strands to make a single column of hair.  This will cause ALL the split ends to pop out and allowing you to trim them.

Background Twist and Trim

This is when you use a contrasting background so that you can see the lifted or popped out splits easier.  Some use colored papers, linen, or fabric as a back drop.

Moisturize Those Tresses
After you dusted your ends, treat them to a hot oil treatment and moisture with your favorite oil or butter.  Your ends will be refreshed and your ends will be smoother and more manageable. 
As always, my naturalistas!  Subscribe, comment, and share!
Happy Curls to You!

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