Friday, January 29, 2016

10 Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Hair Care

Now that the winter is upon us, the need for a change in our hair routine is also necessary.  Things that we should adjust:

  • Wash Hair Less Often. Use this time to “leave your hair alone” or give it a winter rest. Less shampooing means less manipulation, product build-up, and gives you a lead way to employ protective styling.
  •       Pay Attention to Your Scalp.  Use a scalp treatment like “Jane Carter’s Scalp Nourishing Serum” to energize your scalp while protecting against bacteria and fungus.
  •       Do not Forget to Moisture at NightUsing a clear, conditioning cap will do the trick.  Lightly spritz your hair with water or your favorite liquid leave-in, cover with cap, and wrap with a scarf and you will wake of with slightly damp hair that you can shake and go.
  •       Deep Condition Your Tresses.  Winter is harsh on the body and hair.  Take time to pamper your hair with a deep conditioner of choice and watch your favorite TV show, movie or read a book.
  •        Trim Those Tresses!  This is a good time to trim those thin, see-through ends and prepare for summer styling!
  • Stay Away from Humectants!  PRODUCT ALERT!  In the winter, humectants, like glycerin, will pull moisture from your hair and release it into the winter air. This is the natural act of humectants,  In the spring and summer or humid climates, humectants will pull moisture from the atomosphere into our tresses!  Therefore, this will cause a change in the products that you use in warmer climates if you use products with humectants.
Keep It CoveredMake sure to cover your tresses with a hat or scarf to protect your ends and hair from the harsh and drying winds of winter.  I will usually use a clear conditioning cap or a scarf under a hat and when I get to work shake and style my hair.  Protecting your hair against rubbing against the material of your head wear will keep your strands protected.

No matter what the weather, your natural tresses desire MOISTURE!  Give it what it wants, and it will BEHAVE!

Love your curls!

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