Thursday, October 24, 2013

Karen's Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream

Price:  6.7 ounces for $16.00

I've been sitting on the sidelines for a while visiting karen's body beautiful website.  My first impression was that it was sleek, elegant, upscale and inviting.  I like the presentation of his jars and bottles and thought that the owner, Ms. Karen Tappin, had put a lot of thought and time into the presentation of her product line.

My story begins when I received a sample of karen's body beautiful's Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream in  September's Curl Kit.  It was approximately a 1 ounce sample but I loved it and decided to make a regular size purchase.  

I received my purchase within a couple of days and I thought that was a good sign of good service.  However, when I opened the jar and the contents were way below the neck of the jar!  Let's just say that I was not "a happy camper!"

I had never had to write a "negative" product review and was really not wanting to but I could not shake the fact that Inspector 57 half-filled the jar, thought that was okay, and sent it to me!  Oh, no!

I purchased the Egyptian Scent and it was fabulous!  I really wanted to be able to order this again.

I immediately e-mailed the company about my dissatisfaction with the amount of content in the jar for the amount of money that was used to purchase it.  Of course, I got the standard line that the "product had settled!"  On top of that, my hair the following day, after application of the product on top of my Tresemme Conditioner, I was left with a head full of flakes!

It took two days before I received the first reply.  So, not only was I able to tell her that I was unhappy with the amount of product, I was able to tell her about the flaking and the product being completed "liquidfied" upon arrival.

She asked me to report how I used the product.  Because, of course, it should not have done that (flaking)!  She instructed me to "re-mix" the product and placed it in the fridge.  No problem, did that too!  After taking the product out of the fridge, and it now becoming solid, I was more angry about the amount of product that was in the jar!

I requested an RMA to return the product, that took a couple of e-mails -- she ignored the first request in my first e-mail to her!

She did finally send me an RMA for the product!  Yay!  

I'm glad the whole ordeal is over and I will not be ordering another product from that Company! And, Inspector 57, on her line, needs to be fired!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Splat Hair Color Chalk

Splat Hair Chalk Pastel Colors Color Highlights for the Day 3.5g $6.00

Simply Beautiful Pastel Colors!

Splat Hair Chalk is a beautiful way to add pastel color highlights to your hair.

The chalk slides on dry and instantly adds just the right touch of color.

We designed the compact to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is easy to hold onto and apply to hair. The result is soft color that is easy to brush, curl or style after application. We love this new product and are so excitied for you to try it!

Easily Washes Out With Shampoo!

You can highlight your hair with a different pastel color everyday and then easily wash it out.  Applicator Sponge

The applicator sponge was included for easier application close to your hair-line or when applying color to your braid.

Splat is a temporary hair color that can be easily washed out of your hair.  However, those whose hair is bleached may need to wash hair a couple of times to get the color completely out. However, it is an ideal color fix for those who would like to add a flair of color without committing fully to it!

This temporary color can easily be washed off your hands via soap and water but a towel or old shirt should be used when applying this product as you would with any other color product.  This product should also be applied to DRY hair which should make application a smoother process.

Since this product is water soluble, you should cover your hair while out when it is raining!

These are the directions for application:

1. Apply Splat Hair Chalk to dry hair.

2. Select a strip of hair and apply very light mist of hair spray, let dry.

4. Hold the compact lid open in the palm of your hand, the chalk base should be between your 

     thumb and pointer finger.

5. Using your thumb, press hair onto chalk base and slide down hair. Repeat to increase color 

6. Finish with hair spray to set chalk.

Also Included: 1 applicator sponge for part line and braided hair.

The color comes in a compact that is held in the palm of your hand and you glide it along the select strands of hair that you desire.  Most people than spray that section with a little hair spray to give the color an additional amount of "staying" power.  The added benefit is that you can curl, flat iron, and style as usual "without water."

The general consensus is that the color, once applied is "soft" and its reviews are glowing with praise.

This product can be found at most local Walmart Stores near you!  Send me pictures if you decided to try this product!

Happy Curls to you!

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