Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hatsome Hat Company

I came across this company while looking for different styles of hats to wear during the Fall and Winter seasons.  As always, there is always a new find on the internet.  The company's name is Hatsome!

Hatsome gives your four reasons for purchasing one of their hats:

Why Lined Hats

Why Satin Lining:
The satin lining in HatSome's hats creates a smooth barrier between your hair and the raw material of winter hats.
If you are wearing a hat for 3-4 months of the year,  you should make sure that your hair is good hands.

Here are 4 reasons why your hair will love HatSoMe's silk and satin lined hats.
1.     Moisture, Moisture, Moisture
HatSome lined hats help your hair retain its moisture and keeps your hair looking just as shiny as when you put your hat on. This is highly recommended for anyone with dry or chemically treated hair.

2.     Hair Breakage, Be Gone!
Those strands of hair left behind in an unlined winter are not a welcome sight. The lining in HatSome hats creates a barrier between your hair and the hat’s material. This completely prevents your hair strands from being intertwined with the knits of the hat’s material that can often lead to hair breakage.

3.     Hat Hair? What’s that?
The smooth silk and satin material that lines HatSome hats help to keep your hair style looking just as great as when you first put on the hat. 

 4.     Fear Not the Shedding Hat!
Some hats like to leave a lasting impression …. in the form of shedding fiber in your hair! Good news is that with HatSome lined hats, you can enjoy many styles without worry. 
So check out our online store.

Hats are a great accessory and proof of your styling savvy!  These knit hats are easy to store and on warmer days, easily thrown into your tote or handbag.

My Hats on to you!

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