Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feeling Streaky?!!! -- Bold Hightlights

Ask CurlyNIkki: How Can I Highlight My Hair Without Damaging My Curls?

Curly Nikki

I was researching "new hair trends" and came across this article on popular Naturalista Curly Niki.  The picture is from an article from Essence, found at the following link:  


The article is in result to the following question:

"I'm anxious to try bold highlights -- think bright bold or purple -- but I don't want to use chalk or any chemical dye in my hair.  Any Suggestions?"

The above-noted picture is her answer to the question!  Bright, bold, beautiful color that is vibrant, temporary, wearable, and fills that color void for excitement.

This great idea came from a Blogger by the name of FroEnvy and this is her Blog site:  http://froenvy.blogspot.com.  It is an alternative for Kinky, Coily, Curly  and Wavy Naturals to apply vibrant color to their tresses.

Fro Envy with Purple Streak in Front


  1. Take a section of hair and smooth on eye shadow cream.
  2. Style hair, as desired.
To Remove:

  1. Saturate the strands with Coconut or Jojoba Oil (or oil of your choice).
  2. Run fingers down the strands to remove eye shadow creme.
  3. Use a damp Tee Shirt or soft fabric to remove any leftover creme (optional).
  4. Wash or Re-style Tresses

It's like coloring your hair with crayons!

The type of eye shadow that Fro Envy using is pictured below.  The process or application can be a little messy.  You must also remember that the application of shadow will be temporary.  Since oils remove make-up and most of us naturals apply oils to our hair as a nightly routine, the oils will also remove the color streaks from our tresses and you may also have to deal with the transference of the shadow to your bonnet, satin cases, and linens.

 This is a Trend of the Season idea.  Try it and send me your pictures!  Got to go, off to the make-up counter!

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