Sunday, March 1, 2015

Good News for Natural Hair Products!

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While shopping in Target in my area, I was drawn to the ethnic hair care aisle!  I was there looking for the Camille Rose hair gel but only saw two designated rows for her product.  This time they didn't even have Camille Roses' Moisture Milk -- my new hair product for the month!

I noticed that there was a lot an awful lot of commotion between the aisle that I was in and the next aisle that housed the hair coloring products.

I then heard one of the workers saying to the other that they were moving the natural hair/ethnic aisle where the hair coloring items were.  The manager stated that they needed to make room for the natural hair products because that was what "people" were coming to Target to purchase!

Hhhmmm!  I said to myself!  We, naturals, are making a profound impact in the hair product industry!  At Target's you can find, Miss Jessie, Oyin, Alikay, Shea Moisture, Pantene's Natural hair line, Cantu and the list is growing!

It is truly giving Walmart a run for its money in this venue! 

So, next time your in the market for new hair products, give Target a whirl!

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