Friday, March 27, 2015

Life Is Not My Hair

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We are on the cusp of another season of Spring.  What a relief for these natural 3c/4 tresses of mine.  Even though I've been natural since March of 2010, I still don't feel as though I got this thing/routine down pack!  LOL!

Grey Crystal Glass Headband

I realized that some products work at certain hair lengths for me and some simply don't work in certain whether conditions.  This makes having great hair days a manipulation act.  One that no matter how often practice can slip into a hot mess if the wrong combination of products are used.  It's like perfecting one's steps to a favorite song.

Running several on-line stores, writing two blogs, working a full-time job, meal preparations, and rearing an 11-year old guarantees a full plate.  So, I don't have a whole lot of time to dedicate to taking care of my hair.  However, to be natural does not mean my hair is unkept! (smile!)  Taking care of my hair requires diligent commitment to be maintained well and healthy.

 Life is not my hair means that it is necessary to adapt to the changes or needs of my tresses as the weather, seasons, and elements change.  Develop a routine that is simple and effective for everyday life.  This includes trying new hairstyles, adornments, and, of course, hair products.
A woman's glory is her hair and if her hair is on point, she abounds in confidence and meets the world challenges head on.
Whether we are wearing our hair natural or relaxed, there will always be a need to keep routines flexible, simple, and viable to our full everyday lives.

For most of us we've now are learning how to take care of our God-given hair in our 30s, 40s, and 50s. Our natural choices are turning the production of relaxers upside down.  What power lies in our pockets and how we  proudly wear our tresses.  Using our purchasing power to empower ourselves can be the beginning to build our communities and relationships amongst our families and friends and creating a more united network of businesses and employment opportunities.  Our hair is not our life but it is a starting point that will allow us to make better choices for our health, lifestyles, and fashion statement.  Realizing that my life is not my hair.  I will not make excuses for the coils and kinks that some days choose to defiantly "frizz," shrink, and coil up at will! The expression of who I am is experienced in every bend, wave, and spring-like curl and I love it!
Life is Not My Hair but it's a great starting point for a powerful journey....

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