Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Challenge of Developing a Hair Routine!

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The establishment of an effective hair routine is the basis for healthy, strong, and tresses that are full of body.  Therefore, your routine can change with every season! 

Those who use glycerin will do so in the Spring and Summer and will forego it in the Fall and Winter seasons.

Products that worked "well" on your TWA (Tweeny, Weeny, Afro) will not work as effectively on your longer tresses!  We will often find ourselves "revisiting" products that worked in the beginning of our natural hair journey and didn't work in the middle of the journey, now seems to bring life to your shoulder length hair.

A basic routine that I'm finding to work for me is the Liquid, Oil, and Cream (LOC) system.  First applying your liquid, which can be as simple -- for most of us -- as water!  Choose your favorite oil (jojoba, coconut, olive or castor oil).  Your cream can be in the form of a "whipped" butter -- choose one that doesn't weigh your hair down to keep the body and bounce in your tresses.  You will often be able to find a product that will combine O and C!  Most creams (C) will include or be infused with not only one oil (O) but several oils.  You can also find a liquid (L) that will include your oil (O).

A successful routine must be able to "fully" hydrate your tresses!  It will keep your hair flexible and healthy.

Finding a successful hair routine can be frustrating and a cause to feed your product junkie-ism!  This is important to know even if your using the LOC system.  Some products play well together with your styler (gel or cream) that you may have incorporated in use for the LOC system and some will not!  This will be accomplished by trial and error.

Products that you purchased and will not work with your routine can be shared on hair board swaps.

Feel free to leave your routine below.  Share whether or not you have a "seasonal" routine or if you are able to maintain the same one!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy Curls to You!

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