Friday, March 1, 2013

Take The Curl Quiz

3c Curl Type

Would you like to know what your curl pattern is?  Have you've been debating, watching the blogs and vlogs for confirmation of your curl pattern?  Are you wavy, curly, or coily?  Wait no more!  I think I can help!

I came across this great tool this morning while surfing the internet for new and interesting news, views, and styling options for naturalistas.

It was found on Naturally  The tool enables you to take a very short quiz in order to discover your natural curl pattern.  I tried it and was very surprised to find the results that I felt was my natural hair type 3c (admittedly, I have some 4 sprinkled in the lower back and sides) for a little diversity.

Click on the following link:  

Let me know whether or not this was helpful for you!  Also, leave your hair type in the comment box below!

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