Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 2013 Curl Kit -- In Review


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The March's Curl Kit Has Arrived!

The Curl Kit Box arrived with much awaited hair product goodies!  Heavy in weight and top snugly closed!  The fragrance of the products were bidding me to lift the top of the box and go exploring!  From soap to conditioner there were new products for me to try out!

Picture By:  Thatgirkanita

Let's take a closer look at the products that were included in this month's Curl Kit Box.  Included were samples and full-sized products for each of the Curl Kit Box subscribers.

1. Aubrey Organice: GPB Conditioner

Feed your hair a healthy, balanced diet with their #1-selling conditioner. Nutrient-rich, protein based GPB rehydrates and reenergizes your hair, strengthens hair fiber and repairs damage from salon treatments to restore softness, manageability and shine. Their most popular product ever (11 ounces).

2. Soapy Luv: Raspberry Green Tea

Raspberry Green tea soap is a mixture of fruity and herbal. You get great benefits from green tea for the skin containing antioxidant ingredients. Also a light exfoliation from all the natural raspberry seeds. You also get sweet scented sensation from the raspberry fragrance. Your skin will thank you.

4 ounces for $12.00/8 ounces for $20.00

3. Wonder Curl: Butter Than Love Hair Pudding

Ultra-moisturizing hair cream that has a light formula which will give your hair shine and unbelievable softness (2 ounces).

2 ounces for $3.75

4. Bel Nuovo: CoCo Castor Pudding

Moisturizing Hair Creme, Light Hold, Curl Defining, Mango Butter, Coconut & Castor Oil. The perfect synergy of a styling aid and moisturizer (2 ounces).

8 ounces for $1.49

5. Ecostyler : Ecostyler: Curl & Wave “Pink”

Firm hold gel has the added benefit of anti-itch additives to minimize scalp irritants. This product contains glycerin to moisturize ensuring that the product will not cause flaking or leave the hair hard and brittle (8 ounces).

Picture Site; -- 8 ounces for $15.00

6. Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner

Locks moisture in your hair without weighing it down or causing product buildup. Infused with essential oils to smooth your hair shaft and keep it moisturized (2 ounces).

Picture By:  dreamingincolorz.blogspot,com

7. 3 Sisters of Nature: Once a Week Nourishing Treatment

Once a week nourishing treatment is so concentrated with natural and botanical ingredients once a week is all you need. (2 ounces)

Another successful Curl Kit Month.  I look forward to trying the products included in the kit and receiving my box every month.  

Subscription is quick, simple, and easy!  The Curl Kit fee comes out of your checking account every 15th of the month and can be cancelled at anytime.

Use the reference code that I've placed at the beginning of this article and receive 10% off of your first kit!

Please leave a comment, post a picture, or item that you've used from the box or you can let us know how your experience with the Curl Kit has been.

As Always,

Happy Curls to You!

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  1. I can not wait to open mine when I get home. I should have 3 waiting for me when I get home. Yay!!! Thanks for showing us what's in the box.

  2. Sigh... I canceled this month! And this box is so so amazing. Thanks for the detailed view! I got the chance to look up the ingredients for the products I want! Everyone else just showerd their boxes... not too helpful lol.
    Thank you, ill stick around for product reviews!

  3. Greetings,

    Thanks Rolande for your wonderful support, as usual. It's like getting Christmas!


    Thank you for your kind words and comments.

    I just looked at my boxes and said they are stocking up! I've decided to start giving them away for girlfriend birthday gifts, after reviews (the ones that I don't keep for myself! LOL~)!

    Thanks for stopping by!