Thursday, April 19, 2012

Detangle Those Tresses

To detangle our natural tresses can be quite a task, as most of us knows!  Those big hair, Coily Curls, and Kinks days can result in a tangled mane that is hard to tame.

Most naturals detangle in the shower with a conditioner that has a good slip, a wide-tooth shower comb, and a good leave-in conditioner.  Naturals should never comb their tresses when hair is dry unless her mane is detangled and stretch through some kind of manipulation (blow drying, flat iron, or twist out).

Natural tresses should be parted and washed, conditioned in sections.  This will enable you to do a thorough job without getting completely frustrated with the detangling process.  Ouchless pony holders and plastic hair clips keep the sections intact while working on another.

A good detangling process will clear the tresses of shed hair, thereby, reducing the chances of the shed hair coiling around another strand and creating single-strand knots!  This also gives you an opportunity to check for worn ends, identifying and helping to prevent split-ends.  If worn, dry ends are found, that need to be clipped with sharp, clean hair scissors.

Detangling is an essential process in keeping your beautiful mane healthy and growing.

Happy Tresses to You!

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