Thursday, June 23, 2016

Frizz Attack!

Combating Frizz

Causes of Frizz

  • Dry Hair
  • Product Build-Up
  • Damaged Hair

Dry Hair.  The primary cause or root of frizz is dehydrated hair.  Hair that is dry and thirsty will draw water from the atmosphere and this is the cause of frizz.  So, the primary prevention to keep frizz at bay is "moisturized" tresses. I f your hair is severely damaged, you may need a protein treatment to help control/remedy damage tresses.

Product Build-Up.  Hair that has been previously hydrated and sealed with products like Shea Butter, Silicones, and heavy butters blocks out any moisture to dry hair.  This causes hair to not properly receive the benefits of layering another moisturizer to your tresses.

Damaged Hair.  Hair that is damaged have raise cuticles causing it to be frizzy. This is because your cuticles are "raised" and are no longer "smooth."  These areas of "raised" cuticles will need a "fill-in" such as protein.  Protein will "fill-in" these gaps and allow hair to become smoother again.

Products:  Product ingredients (because humectants attract moisture to the hair it can cause swelling which causes the hair to dry and frizz. It’s best to use products that contain humectants as leave ins during cooler months).

Hair Manipulation:  Hair in Hair Syndrome is a huge culprit in the cause of frizz for a slew of natural hair wearers.  We cannot keep our hands out of our hair.  This is over manipulation of our tresses and is a culprit of creating frizz!

How to Keep your Tresses Moisturized?

  1. Deep condition your tresses.  Shampoo your tresses to eliminate any product build up and then use a good deep conditioner to rehydrate your hair.
  2. Incorporate styling products into your daily routine that contain  hydrolyzed proteins like hydrolyzed silk, soy and wheat protein that can penetrate the hairs cuticle.

Keeping Frizz at Bay!

Understanding the causes of frizz will help you better choose a regimen to keep frizz at bay.  Products like gel stylers and silicone serums also will help in preventing huge bouts of frizz.

Keep your HANDS out of your hair.  It's a hard thing to do but your fingers disturbs the curl pattern because the oils and sealants on your strands are pulled away by your touching and manipulation of your strands.  This removes the very products on your hair that you trust to keep your hair shiny, bouncy, and frizz free.

Finally, once you have completed your initial Wash N Go only lightly mist hair!  Hair that hasn't thoroughly dried and is manipulated is prone to frizz!

How do you combat frizz?  Leave me a comment below!

Happy Curls to You!

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