Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complete Nourish and Silken Styling Gel-Cream

     I came across this product while viewing the YouTuber Pretti Uneek Hair video.  I wasn't able to just go to my local Target store to get it.  I had to order it on-line.  So, I had it shipped to my local Target's and retrieved the product from there.

     The reason I felt compelled to write a review about this product is because while on the train last Thursday, on a standing room only train, and she leaned down and whispered "what do you use on your hair?"  I looked to see a natural with fine curly hair similar to mines.  "She said your hair looks so healthy!"  My hair is 3c/4 and hers was mostly 3b but fine. 

      I had been using Shea Moisture's Peace Rose Conditioner and Gel-Cream.  My texture is very much like YouTuber Pretti Uneek Hair so I thought I give it a try.  I was right.  Now, I must warn you before you break out and run to your local Target store.  I love the way my hair reacts to this product.  However, the product "rose" smell is VERY strong and if you do not like products with strong odors, you will want to return the product.

     I love roses and the smell is so realistic that it simply intrigues me.  The scent goes away in about an hour or so and can be refreshed when spritzing with water.

      As with Shea Moisture's other products, it has a great price point of $10.99.  My hair was light and bouncy with a soft hold, the way I like my hair.  A little of this product goes a long way.  It is easy to apply to wet hair.  I have not tried to apply it to dry hair.

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