Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Was I Staring?

Have you been witness to stopping in your tracks when you saw a sista walk by with some bodacious hair?  I have found myself guilty of that very thing!  It truly wasn't my intentions but since this natural hair revolution has been on trend, the textures, colors, and styles of natural hair has been in the forefront of style!

There is this one young lady that steps onto the train with various shades of blonde-colored tresses.  Her fro is big and puffy and her stride is just as large!  It makes me want to take a double look!  Amongst of train full of flowing tresses, her hair refuses to take a back seat!  It seems to take great delight in the fact that it refuses to lay down!  Her curls politely waves as the air flows through it.  It is obvious that I'm not the only person that sneaks to take another look.  The onlookers are privy to another option of style that refuses to play coy games but takes great delight in knowing that you "it made you look!"

The color option deepens as you eye wanders to her neckline.  The deep ombre of honey blonde tresses elegantly anchors her beautiful kinks, coils, and curls.  It's like taking in a breath of fresh air.

We are slowly embracing the idea that there is no such thing as "good hair" but that of textures and curls that define each crown.  After all, because a woman's crown is her glory, each crown is unique to each woman!

Most women report that she has SEVERAL type of curls and coils!  This making her head of hair different even from her natural siblings crown of hair.

This makes the desire to "touch" someone else's curls such a phenomenon! Out of curiousity, intrique, and wonder observers almost inately find themselves doing something that they otherwise would never entertain.  Wanting to touch those unique strands of natural hair!

Smiling natural hair wearers can be found across the internet sporting their natural tresses in style!  Lighten, brighten, or dark and lovely, each unique crown of hair is sure to inspire or say "I made you look!"

So, if you find yourself taking a second look, or even staring at the coif of a natural hair wearer as she waltzes by -- it's a natural thing to do!  It's a compliment to the wearer and it's recognition that we've come a long way baby!

As usual, leave your comment or even a pic of you Hair of the Day!  Look so forward to hearing from you!

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