Thursday, April 18, 2013

Deciding on Your Natural Hair Routine

What is your natural hair routine?  Has it Changed? Do You Have a Routine at all?

Most naturals have gone through the above stages.  First, not having a natural hair routine.   Second, developing a hair routine, and finally, adjusting one's hair routine as hair continues to grow or be styled and cut.

This will include first and foremost the changing of what products that you chose to use on your tresses!

Naturals who have been on the journey at least six months can attest to the fact that when they did the Big Chop they experienced the first moments of feeling
free and uncumbered!  You could simply jump into the shower, co-wash and condition your tresses, dry off from the shower and throw some gel on your hair and be off to the events of the day.  However, when your hair begins to grow and you encounter that "in-between" length, too long to be a TWA and too short to be pulled into even a short pony tail.

I have also discovered on the journey of hair growth that products that I started out didn't work for me in the "In-Between" length and then once passed it, I tried them again and fell in love with the products again.

As you hair continues to grow, the weight of the strands can cause tresses to form a different curl pattern.  For instance hair can be bushy at the roots but twirl in beautiful coils at the end of your strands!  On this journey you will develop several hair routines.

Wash Day Routine

This routine will be the basis for how your hair will perform until you determine that it's time to wash your hair again.  As most of us know, some no longer "wash" their hair but "co-wash" their tresses.  This routine will include:

  • Pre-pooing (optional)
  • Detangling with Conditioner
  • Co-washing or Washing Hair

Morning Routine

Hair is taken down from curlers, bantu knots, twists, and scarves and prepared for styling.  Oils can be used to take down the hair and give added shine and protection for your ends.

Night Routine

Hair is usually moisturized, twisted, set on curlers, bantu knots, and/or tied down.  This step is important and hair should be prepared neatly in order to get a smooth set for the morning.

What is the Most Important Part of a Routine?

Simplicity!  Make your routine as simple as possible.  This means keep how many steps of preparation of your tresses to a minimum while using the least amount of products to avoid product build-up, weighing down of strands, and the necessity of having to "clarify" your tresses often.

For some naturals, we can survive on a GOOD shampoo/co-wash product, an excellent leave-in or moisturizer/sealer, and your favorite styler (your shea butter/oils/gel)!

What complicates matters is that some of us are still in search of that MAGIC product that we will be able to slap on our tresses and Voila! a good hair day!  We usually end up with a graveyard of product clutter and an eye on the next NEW product!

A good hair care routine, along with protective styling/low manipulation, the occasional  trimming of tresses will keep your hair happy and healthy!

As Always, leave your comments, ideas, and questions below!

Happy Curls to You!

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