Thursday, October 18, 2012

Winterizing Those Tresses

The strong winds of winter can wreak havoc on your moisture-needing tresses!  Brittle and limp curls is not a sassy look or Hair of the Day coif!  This is the time when many naturals close the book on their time-saving wash n' gos.  However, for me, this is my main style and closing that book is not so easy to do on these 3b/c/4 curls.

My curls love, love glycerin and from natural blogs across the nation, we are admonished to abandon the glycerin because it pulls moisture from the atmosphere which will keep your locks moist but in the winter season it does quite the opposite.

So what's a natural wash n' go girl to do?  Here are a few tips:
  1. At night section hair and lightly moisten hair with water and coconut oil (you can use olive oil, or oil of your choice) apply mixture to hair, twist, cover hair with a clear shower cap, and tie a scarf over cap (optional) and go to bed.
  2. When rising in the morning, hair will be slightly moist, style and go about your morning routine.  This method will allow your tresses to be damp and drying but scalp won't be soaked if you have to run out before hair is completely dried.
  3. Another idea is to leave the plastic shower cap on and cover cap with a stylish hat or scarve and commute and upon your arrival to work, style hair as usual.

Share with us ways that you and your tresses keep nourished and stylish through the cold, winter months.

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