Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Color Purple?

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I've been wanting to dye my natural tresses to purple.  Why you may ask?  I love the color purple!  And everytime I see a purple haze of natural hair, it stops me in my tracks!  Why haven't you done so?  Bleaching!  To get this rich, royal color I would need to bleach my hair and I love the fact that my hair is bouncy and healthy.

I keep weighing the odds.  Do I sacrifice my desire to join ranks with all the beautiful purple-haired naturals are simply stand on the side lines and watch the purple haze go by?


  • Use the Coconut-Bleaching Method for Less Damage to Your Tresses 
  • Use Manic Panic's Violet or Lavender in Conditioner to Maintain Your Puple Color
  • Do a Weekly Protein Treatment to Fill in Holes in Strands Left by Bleaching
  • Color is a Confidence Booster!
  • With New Hair Color, the Clothing Color Choices Will Look Different
Image result for purple natural hairMethod:

The night before your bleaching appointment, take pure, unrefined coconut oil and saturate your strands completely, from root to tip. Cover up with a shower cap, and leave in the oil overnight. The next day, bleach (or go to a professional stylist) with the oil still in your hair. The oil acts in the same way that your hair's natural oils do, protecting the tresses and scalp from the harmful effects of bleach.


  • Avoid Sulfate Shampoos -- They strip/fade the color from tresses
  • Bleaching Tresses Is Stressful -- You will need to Deep Condition More Often
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Saying yes to purple...tempting it is!  Still on the fence but happily watching the Purple Divas walk by!

Happy Curls to You!

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