Thursday, August 6, 2015

Natural Hair Summer Tips

Natural Hair Summer Tips


Image result for natural hair in summerWhen it comes to hair, I really can’t emphasis the importance of moisturizing enough.  Your moisturizing routine or lack thereof can literally make or break your hair. Your hair needs moisture!!! And water equals moisture. In the past, we have been taught that water makes our hair dry and brittle. Now we know, that is so false. Your hair needs water.

As most naturals know, your tresses need moisture!  That’s true for ALL seasons and one of the best moisturizers is W-A-T-E-R!  Your hair will thank you for drenching it with H2O!

You should spritz and seal you hair faithfully every night, this will help you keep more of your strands on your head.
Carrying a spray bottle of your favorite spritzer concoction with you when you leave the house is a good idea!  This will enable you to moisturizer your tresses after you have come out of extreme weather and wind.

Of course there is a down size to the extra spritzing that naturals know all too well and that is the dreaded shrinkage that will and can occur when spritzing your curls after you have styled you hair.  A good idea is to wear a spritzable hair style that will allow you to add moisture throughout the day without sacrificing your hairstyle.

As A Side Note:  If you have hard water, you can easily clarify it by simply adding apple cider vinegar.  

Scarf it, or hat it!  Two great ways to protect not only your hair but your skin from the harsh rays of summer sun.  Use a protective style that will minimize you having to manipulate your hair.  You can than bandanna or use a nice hair tie or sheer scarf that will allow the welcomed cool breeze waft through to cool off your scalp.  Purchase a cute sinimay hat that is lightweight and allows your scalp to breathe.

Happy Curls to You!

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