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3C Frizz Free Wash And Go Method

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Combatting frizz for 3c coily hair types seem to permeate across the lines of styling, products, and hair routines.  This is an issue that most 3c’s will either be talking about, asking about, or simply have frustrated them.

I will share that the best weapon you have in your arsenal will be how you style your hair and apply your product.  For 3c coily types I suggest the following:

Method:  LOC – (L) Liquid (O) Oil (C) Cream

After co-washing or shampooing your hair we will be using the LOC method.  This method is best done in the shower!

Items you will need:  Leave-In, Oil, and a Cream-based Moisturizer

Section off your hair using duck clips, bobby pins, or some type of clip.

  • Make sure hair is thoroughly, super wet
  • To that section add the Leave-In of your choice
  • Follow this with an application of your favorite oil(s)

Now, here you can do one of two things, according to your own preference.
  1. Apply A Cream-based Moisturizer or
  2. Apply A Moisturizing Gel

Side Bar:
  I have fine 3c hair and layering too much product (depending on what they are) can cause hair to become limp or weighed down.  However, for most 3c/4a types gels do an awesome job in defining your coils. 

I’m one that does not like to apply gel to my hair and I will opt to just add the Cream-based moisturizer instead of the gel.  There are also times that I will apply gel by taking a scoop and placing in my hands and smoothing over each section for additional hold.

The primary objective of this method is this:  When you hair is soaking wet, your coils and curls will be the most defined and frizz-free that they will be.  It is taking the opportunity to  “freeze” the curls with gel to get a defined and frizz-free wash and go.

Think of it as this, when your section is not thoroughly wet , it will already start to frizz up.  So when you apply your gel to the hair you are actually “defining” frizzy hair!

Give this method a try and let me know how it worked for you!

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Happy Curls to You!
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