Friday, April 17, 2015

Shrinkage -- Learning to Embrace It!

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Natural Hair Shrinkage

All naturals experience some amount of hair shrinkage. Curlier and wavier naturals will tend to experience much more shrinkage due to their curl pattern.

I have 3c/4 textured hair. The front and top have a looser curl pattern. 

My usual regiment for my wash n' go is to wash (or co-wash), condition, leave-in, and then apply the gel or styling agent of choice. The shrinkage is about 75%!
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As seen by this picture, hair in it's curly state, reaches comfortably at the top of her shoulder. However, when the truth is shown, look at the blown out and straighten side that screams out luxurious length. Her tresses, in length, is almost DOUBLE her natural curly state! Naturals around the globe can easily testify as to being astonished at their length when they have chosen to do a "length check."  This quickly alienate the theory that "black" hair cannot grow to such beautiful lengths.  Even though we know that length does not make one's hair more beautiful than those naturals who have chosen to wear their hair more cropped or simply hair has not "naturally" grown to that length.  After all, it takes great length to give those curly locks their coilyness, spirals, and waves.

The shrunkeness of our tresses  
speaks to the versatility of our natural hair!  Left in it's natural state, we wear it funky, in buns, high pony tails, and twist and braid out.  Blown dry, straightened or hot comb, we can sport flowing locks.  We can also chose to gel it down for that sleek, sophisticated look! Braids are also another option whether they be intricate or as simple as a box braid!

Now, don't give up the fight for showing off the length of those fabulous locks!  There are methods like banding, pineappling, African Threading, Twists, braid outs and roller sets.  The ultimate advice for those who find 
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tolerating shrinkage a struggle, I suggest that you stay away from "wash n' goes!"  The products and stylers that are used usually cause the hair to pull to the scalp.  However, if you can maintain for a day or two, your wash n' go will do you good!

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