Wednesday, August 20, 2014

YouTube Natural Returns to Relaxer

Natural Hair Journey Ends for a Promient

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I've been watching this young lady SimplYounique since she debut with her "Big Chop!"  Her tresses has grown by leaps and bounds into a waist-length pony tail!

She wowed us with her innovative natural hair styles, product reviews, and positive take on being natural. She boosts some 110,500 subscribers as of August, 2014.  She states in our YouTube video that she will continue to share with her subscribers, while sporting relaxed tresses!

I've read quite a few of her comments to this particular video and they range from, "it's your hair," "you don't have to make excuses," and "what was the point of going natural in the beginning!"

Take a look at the video, leave your comments and thoughts below!  Love to hear from you!

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