Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Is that a New Hair Style?

In a matter of 15 minutes I had two women ask me "Is that a New Hair Style?!  Of course, I had to remember what I had done to my hair!  LOL!

The first woman had been sitting across from me on the train when I noticed that she just kept staring.  I kept looking away because I didn't know what she was really looking at when you finally asked the question.  She said she had "never seen my hair looking like that before!"  So, I went on to explain to her what I had done and she responded that she "wished her hair would do that!"  She went on to tell me how "nappy" and unruly her natural hair was.

I tried to convey to her that ALL hair types need to be worked with and explored.

The second woman walked behind me to the street light and then asked the same question.  She was wearing Havanna Twists and they were beautiful!  Again, the reply was how she wished or desired to have a different "TYPE" of hair!  She is a natural and have been for a while and so inspired her daughter to become natural too!

I had decided to change my regimen again which started on October 15, 2013.  I went back to the Tightly Curly method.

My Renewed Regimen

  • Co-Wash -- Tresemme Naturals
  • Re-Applied Tresemme Naturals as My Leave-In
  • Sprayed My Hair with Alikay's Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner (Love This Stuff!)
  • Applied Alikay's Emu Oil
  • Sealed with Alikay's Shea Moisturing Creme
I then parted my hair into sections, starting from the lower back of my heard -- in a shingling type method -- and twirled my hair around my fingers.  The Tightly Curly Method calls this "doodling."  My hair ends of "coiling" up and I continue until I've finished my whole head.

I cowash on Sunday night.  Proceed to "doodle" - this takes me about 45 mintues to an Hour.  I will refresh on the third day (Wednesday) and I'm good til Sunday.  I will spritz hair at night with Alikay's Lemongrass Leave-In nightly and cover my hair on sleep with a satin scarf over my pillow.

Hair will not "poof" up as much if you do not put too much water on your hair at night but give yourself enough time before going to bed to allow hair to "completely" dry.  I try not to spritz in the morning, I can usually just shake and go!

Embracing what grows out of our head is as unique as we are as individuals!  My hair is curly but it's fine and thinner than I desire.  I  love to see those photos of 4b and c's with their thick and natural twists!

We, whatever texture, type, fine, coarse, short, or long, must learn to wear our Crowning Glory with great honor!

Happy Curls to You!

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