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Texas Pastor Forbids The Wearing of Weaves in His Church!

Pastor A.J. Aamir ofResurrecting Faithin Waco, Texas believes if it didn’t grow from your scalp, it doesn’t belong there.

no weaves in church A.J. Aamir

The Pastor made this comment to an organization called "American Preachers."  He further told them that he had "instructed" his female staffers to not "wear weaves" to work.  His words were:  " because “our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying.”

His called to action was the fact that he has  "a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head.  No,  I will not be quiet about this.   Sadly, this statement is surely repeated amongst his poor and financially strapped church.  His comments has paralyzed our church and culture with stepping across the boundary of personal choice.

Most intelligent persons of our community would agree that if you cannot pay your rent, you should rethink spending $300 of it on your head!  We are not privy to how she obtained the money to get the weave, it could have been donated or gifted to her.  Whatever the case, it simply is not our business! However, to simply "ban" a fashion statement from "your" church, which I thought Christ was the Head of, is just crossing the line.  It is not clear as to whether or not Pastor Aamir is speaking on Christ's behalf or not.  

My primary issue with this blatant statement is based on this premise:  If Miss Can't Pay My Rent, placed her $300 in the collection plate, I do not believe that the good ole' Pastor Aamir would go running after her to return it!  Understanding that Pastor Aamir grew up in a "strict" muslim home sheds more light on his opposition to weave wearers and his feeling as though he has authority to tell the women of his church how they should wear their hair!

This story reminds me of the one found in John 8:1 - 11 (woman found in adultery) - The Pastor has taken a stone and has thrown it!  Unless, he has and remains faultless in the realm of debt and finances his approach has been without compassionate and not exhibiting a Christ-like manner of the One he is assumed to represent.

The scripture states:

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear—1 Peter 3:3

In understanding the above-noted scripture, we should not be concerned with the hair on the sister's head but the condition of her heart!  The Word of God is powerful and quick and pierces to the marrow and bone and if handled correctly can and will root out whatever insecurities one may have -- if they are willing.  However, God has not created any of us to be someone else's Holy Ghost!

The neglect to pay one's rent vs. paying $300 on a weave goes way beyond the fact that she is wearing a WEAVE!  Weave wearers know the price can range from $100 and upward into the thousands.   Ever since I can remember attending Church, male Preachers have made fun of, or ridiculed women for the wigs, clothes, hands on the hips, and gossiping.   Mind you that the Church is made up of over 90% women, male Preachers are still bashing women who are their primary support to the Church!

I wore tracks in my hair for years.  A pack of top of the line hair costing over $100 for 4 ounces. However, as other things changed in my life (financially) the once affordable hair style of $50 had risen to over $150 to redo, aside from the every two-week maintenance of $70 that I was faithful to.  This hairstyle was no longer a viable option and I stopped and went natural but this was a decision I came too on my own and was not berated into.

We've just seen Beyonce go from waist-length flowing blonde, billowing waves to a pixie cut, and then to a Blonde Bob cut!  She has plenty of money -- is it alright for her to attend the Church wearing her weave.  Would she be questioned about her self-esteem issues and not wearing her natural, God-given hair, whatever that might look like!?

A lesson of economics, responsibility, and good stewardship would be the most effective solution to remedy this issue but to "ban" a hairstyle is simply way out in left field.   A discussion on how, we as a culture, support a billion dollar industry that does little or nothing to enhance and support our community is a viable subject.  Making decisions to destroy the hold of this industry on our community is also another viable discussion.  Getting a better understanding as to why we gravitate to weave wearing instead of wearing our natural hair, to me, is beating a dead horse.  It's a matter of choice!  Provoking people to a closer relationship with God and soul-healing is a more effective choice!   I would quickly find myself another place of worship over this dictatorship!

This was my say...leave your comments and thoughts below!

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  1. I find it sad that those with power feel the need to force their beliefs and approach on others. Yes, more women need to embrace their hair. However, it is not his place to tell someone to not wear weave to his church. Jesus didn't do that to his people. He took them the way they were and loved them into righteousness, not judge them and ostracize them. Hair is a personal thing for many. You have no idea what that women may or may not have under that weave.

    1. I love your statement "you have no idea what that woman may or may not have under that weave!" Christ came that we might have life! and that more abundantly. This is a clear testament that we are to love and respect our leaders but put God first and foremost in our lives! The Holy Spirit is a wonderful and perfect teacher, if we allow Him!

      Thanks OurkinksandCurls so much for your comment!

  2. Please note I am a Realist and what I am about to say is my reality...Wow! Black Hair, Chrisitan Church and personal responsibility we have three heavy topics here, not to be taken lightly. Black hair is beautiful I don't need to tell you. I am natural and I have been thru the trenches of Jerry curl, Nu Wave, Creamy Crack and now natural. Our hair can do it all. We always strive to be sharp, but why? Are we as Black women trying to be accepted by society standards? Are our dark skins so ignored, and shameful that we will do whatever we need too to "step right". Just so the world can see the beauty in Black Women. Image is everything so much so people sell drugs for it. Image is everything and not just a feeling, it is more than that for Black People. You think walking around natural is easy not at first it is the hardest judgement I ever had to experience. You defending yourself left and right, even to your own people if not more so, just to hear a voice in the background that says "Girl I Love You Hair" and that comes far and few between. So we natural girls search to belong and there it is a movement, a Natural Hair Movement. Whew, I am not alone and now we Natural hair girls have confidence with it we are now looked upon as "snoody" and "better than permed girls" cause we natural and don't care. I don't apologize for the natural me cause it is something no one can take away from me. No disrespect to Madame C.J Walker but creamy crack served its purpose, got us jobs, got us to be looked upon as less savage looking according to white society fears, but those times are over. We as Black People need to build our lost communities and culture. Just because we are neighbors doesn't make us a community. Why everyone non-black has a community a culture but we (blacks) just fit right in to whoever we feel best with cause we don't feel best with our own people. I cant sell natural hair to everyone and I wish I could. So, I don't mind if the Preacher says our congregation doesn't wear weave.

    However, if the Preacher is saying it cause he needs the money I don't agree with that. I am pissed at the church anyways. We have many Black communities that should be thriving, the church has thousands to billions of dollars and what do they do with it??? Why are the people in the pew still begging and crying, why aren't we reinvesting it back into the communities. I don"t mean charity I mean businesses and homes and foundations that are solid. This preacher if looking for more money is sad just want the riches and gold and to be glorified. SO sad! As for personal responsibility well we do have one, how we represent in the world is the image our children are looking at and if we constantly at the hair store or in the hair shop what are we telling our kids our little girls? It's one thing to look good and another to make it a lifestyle. Weave is just an accessory it is not who we are. Sadly we don't know the difference. I am wearing braids of an extreme length now, but after a day or two of compliments it is what it is braids it doesn't define me and what I am capable of it just serves its purpose. As a natural girl yes I want to switch it up, I may not go crazy with it with Hawaiian silky hair but I do switch it up. to think Monday -Saturday I can switch it up as long as on Sunday i take it out can be a bit much. But if you are fighting a true cause then there is true sacrifice but if your sacrifice is for someone else's selfishness not worth it at all.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Ms. Afro Savvy. This is an issue that does have several layers of complexity. Self-image, the primary one.

      I once heard a quote: "When a purpose does not know what their worth is, they are subject to abuse!"

      We, as black mothers, daughters and aunts must take a serious look as to what message(s) when are sending to our children.

      Thank you for your comment.