Saturday, June 8, 2013

Product Swapping

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Can your bathroom cabinet be mistaken for a Walmart, Target, or Walgreens hair product shelf?  That may signify that you have a problem with perusing the hair product shelves once to often!

Who isn't guilty of that?  Wanting to try out the latest product that has hit the market. Or, a hair guru that has shared another wonderful product that they are using which yielded great results!  There is product temptation all around us!

One of my solutions has been to swap products with a natural haired coworker!  We have different textures of hair.  I'm 3b/c-4 and she is 4a-b.  We discuss with each other what products that we have that hasn't worked for us and then ask whether the other is interested in trying it out.  We don't charge each other, it is a free and easy exchange and a way to keep our cabinets from product overload!

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