Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yet Another Hair Type?

While I was researching 3c Hair Texture, I came across Honey, Brown, Sugar's Blog on hair typing.  However, I decided to read the comments and came across one from "Just Love Me Nothing Less."  She asked the blogger to take a look at another Hair Type and gave the following link:

So, I decided to take the bait and ended upon the blog Honey Fig.

The following was taken from her Blog:

Type 5a Relaxed

Now, this may go against all that you have read about Hair Types. You might say that relaxed hair does not have a category of its own, but we beg to differ. Relaxed hair is definitely in a class unto itself. Once the hair has been chemically altered, you will have to respect it and treat it differently from the other types.

That being said, you should focus on the moisture retentiveness and rebuilding any lost protein. To prevent damaged to the hair it is suggested to apply a treatment oil or conditioning mask prior to shampoo, then moisture wash, deep condition (use a protein treatment biweekly and follow with a moisturizing conditioner); afterwards moisturize with a styling lotion and then, seal in the moisture with light natural oil. The reason for these additionally steps, is due to the fact that once your hair is chemically processed, its moisture retention ability is reduced dramatically; hence, dryness and breakage, if not care for properly.

One additional factor to consider is that you should refrain from over combing the hair once it is wet. Simply detangle with a wide teeth comb. Air dry and/or cool air blow dry. Keep brushing, to an absolute minimum, due to its fragility, and be selective with your natural bristles and paddle brushes. No circular brushes here. You can achieve great lengths, if you choose to relax your hair; you will simply have to pamper it a little more. 

Type 5A Hair

There you have it!  Unfortunately, no one had left a comment making it hard to discern how this new category was accepted.

What do you think?  Should we accept it?  Is it a legitimate Hair Type?  Was leaving it out intentional or an oversight?

Personally, I always typed it in the Hair Type 1 category since the strands were straight, even though chemicals had been used to alter the state of the hair.

As always,

Happy Curls to You!

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