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What Is The Tightly Curly Method?

Teri LaFlesh struggled for years trying to coax her tresses into obedience.  As the old saying goes "necessity is the mother of invention!"  Teri stumbled unto a discovery that is now called the "Tightly Curly Method."  Terri states that she is biracial (black/white) which had resulted in her super curly hair.

She first started her search by asking what was it that he hair needed?  Her answer was:

"Our curls need to be cared for in a way that's different from all other hair types."

The Tightly Curly Method is a hair routine that will allow your tresses to remain moisturized, curly, defined and manageable for up to five days!

It's primary difference, from any other routine, is that you will use a "standard" cheap or expensive conditioner as your LEAVE-IN instead of using a regular labeled "leave-in" conditioner, which is a more "watered-down" version of a regular conditioner (not a deep conditioner).

The Rules of the Tightly Curly Method

1. Do Not Brush Or Comb Hair While Dry.

Your hair will simply explode into a fuzzball.

2.  Never Separate Your Hair Like A Wishbone

This is just asking for a big snarl.  It is in the nature of our hair to tangle.  Our curls are the exact same shape nature uses for plants when they need to grasp onto something, like pea tendrils.

3.  Stop Hurting Your Curls

Though our hair seems so headstrong and thick, and mine tears up a cheap comb, the individual strands of hair are gossamer thin and delicate.

4.  Patience

Our hair is different from straight hair.  Tight curls take time to take care of.  In return, you will grow amazing spirals few other people have.

5.  Mind Your Ends

Always keep your eyes on the ends of your hair.  If you watch them in whatever you do, you will eliminate the majority of tangles.  When separating your hair, always keep an eye on the ends.

6.  You Don't Have to Trim

If you eliminate damaging your hair, you don't have to trim it.  You get a new head of hair about every six years anyway.

Curly Primer

Her Curly Primer Method consists of a seven step regime, as follows:

Cleanse, Condition, Comb, Define, Dry, Protect, and Refresh

1.  Keep Hair Clean, Use a Conditioner As a Second Shampooing, Squeeze Conditioner Into Your Hair In Sections

2.  Do NOT Rinse the Conditioner Out!

3. Comb -- Use a Denman Brush

4.  Define Your Tresses

5.  Dry Your Hair (Air Drying Preferred)

6.  Put Hair Up At Night

7.  Smooth Hair with Water and Conditioner

You will find more in-depth information about Teri's Seven Step Method on Her Web Site  She has also written a book, which is made available through her site and she also maintains a blog.

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Until next time,

Happy Curls to You!

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