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What Is Dusting Your Ends?

Types of Damage Ends
Dusting your ends is a way to prolong the health of the ends of your hair between trims!  For those of us that are trying to retain length, this is very important.
Dusting your ends is used primarily to clip all forms of split ends.  At the end of Dusting, because you take off so short sections, when you are finish the clipped ends look like fine dust on the floor or counter.  Thus, the term dusting!
When Do I Know That It's Time To Dust?
  • When your hair tangles and become hard to run your fingers from the root to your ends.
  • When your ends are fuzzy. 
  • When your ends are frayed. 
  • When your ends are not responsive to your favorite moisturizer.
  • When your ends snap off easily.
  • If you use heat frequently.
  • Should be done every six to eight weeks
The Benefits of Dusting
  • Keeps your ends sharp!
  • Smooth Ends
  • Head of Healthy Hair
How to Dust Your Ends
First you will need a sharp pair of scissors created to be used on hair.  Please, do not use your paper cutting scissors or craft scissors from your hair!
Second, cut your hair in a well-lighted area in front of a mirror.
Search and Destroy Method
This method entails parting the hair in small sections and feeling the rough ends and simply clipping them off.  This also includes the infamous and dreaded Single Strand Knots that tend to plague the lower section and ends of our tresses.
Twist and Trim
This method, you will part hair in very small sections and twist the strands to make a single column of hair.  This will cause ALL the split ends to pop out and allowing you to trim them.

Background Twist and Trim

This is when you use a contrasting background so that you can see the lifted or popped out splits easier.  Some use colored papers, linen, or fabric as a back drop.

Moisturize Those Tresses
After you dusted your ends, treat them to a hot oil treatment and moisture with your favorite oil or butter.  Your ends will be refreshed and your ends will be smoother and more manageable. 
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