Saturday, September 15, 2012

 Cold Water Hair Rinses
Who doesn't like a hot bath?!  Feels good to the body; however, it can frizz out,the strands of hair on your head.  Hot water leaves the cuticles of your strands open, while cold water closes them. 
This allows the cuticle to close in the moisture that our hair so badly needs.  This also allows the hair to be more reflective and smooth to the touch.
 You should rinse out your conditioner with cold water and not hot.  However, if the cold water rinse doesn't given you warm thoughts, I suggest that when it is time to wash out your conditioner that you "cool" down the water to your best tolerance.  Now, I usually will gradually cool the water down until it gets "cold."  I continue to rinse out the conditioner and then quickly return the water to hot to warm up my body.
The benefits of doing a cold rinse:  stimulates your scalp, creating stronger roots, will cause less shedding, and retainage of moisture, and will close the opening of the sebaceous glands to moderate sebum production on scalp.  I've seen one YouTuber,who when she applies her products to her natural hair, fills her application spray bottle with ice filled water and sprays each section with the cold water and then applies her product.
Some have complained that their hair feels "rough" after a "cold rinse" and this has been attributed to using water that was "too hot" while shampooing and/or applying conditioner.  Another cause can be attributed to using protein-related shampoo and/or conditioner which will cause the hair to swell from an overload of protein.
If "hard" hair is still a problem, add some vinegar during your rinse or to your spray application water bottle.  Closing your cuticle will help your hair be less frizzy.
Finally, remember that products that are high in alkaline will cause the cuticles to OPEN and you'll end up with frizzy hair.  Acidic products, like vinegar and aloe vera juice, will CLOSE the cuticle for a smoother strand.
A cold rinse may not warm your shower but will do wonders for your tresses!

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